Office of the Registrar of Companies
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What is expected of you - our customers

  • To complete the prescribed forms accurately and file returns in a timely manner.
  • To give accurate and honest information as to the contents of documents filed.
  • To consult with us on any aspect of our operation which needs clarification or explanation.
  • To give feedback through comments, compliments or complaints about the quality of service received.
  • To conduct yourselves in an orderly and respectable manner when conducting your business transactions with us.

    Services Offered

  • Thorough examination of incoming documents to ensure that the correct procedures are adopted and those documents are properly completed.
  • Computerized name search and examination of companies and other business entities.
  • Provision of certified copies of documents upon request.
  • Establish and maintain ongoing communication with customers through periodic focus group meetings.
  • Provision of trained and capable staff to handle customer affairs. s.
  • Courteous and helpful compliance officers.
  • Viewing of our database on the Internet.
  • Registration and renewal of business entities.
  • Provision of information regarding Business Entities.


  • Issuance of Certificates of Registration of new companies within five (5) working days; on the receipt of properly completed applications.
  • Issuance of Business Names Certificates within two (2) working days; on the receipt of properly completed applications.
  • Issuance of Certified Copies of documents the same day; provided that documents are in order.
  • Encourage voluntary compliance of Companies and Businesses in accordance with the statutory requirements.
  • To make certain documents available for public inspection within fifteen minutes on receipt of the request.
  • Helpful and polite staff to serve our customers.



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