Office of the Registrar of Companies
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The fees listed below represent the costs for transactions with the website of the Registrar.

These services are available to subscribers only. To get more information about subscribing and to apply for subscription please visit the Subscriber Information page.


To get a list of the other services and their respective fees available at the Office of the Registrar, click here to download/view the document (32kb) in Adobe Acrobat format.

You can click here to download and install Adobe Acobat Reader if you don't already have it.

* Please note that all fees listed in Jamaican Dollars are for Web Services Only.

Business Information Details
View information relating to a specific Business including their Branches and Proprietors information.$50.00
Company Information Charges Register
Company Information Charges Register$50.00
Company Information Details
View information relating to a specific Company including their Shareholders and Directors information.$50.00
Company Name Search
Search the list of companies. This trasaction is only billable if the user searches using the Shareholder/Director information as parameters$50.00
Document Printing Charges
Printing PDF documents online$25.00
Listing of Documents filed
These are documents that are filed with the ORC with regards to a company that has been registered.$50.00
Web Viewer Costs per document
Viewing documents online via ORC's Web Viewer$100.00
Company Name Search
Business Name Search

Site requirements
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