Office of the Registrar of Companies
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The Companies Office of Jamaica which originally formed part of the Registrar General's Department was established as a separate Department in 1975 under the then Ministry of Marketing and Commerce, now the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce with responsibility for the day to day administration of the following subjects:

Business Names

Mission Statement
To enhance trade and commerce through the efficient registration and regulation of businesses and the provision of accurate information.
This will be achieved by a motivated workforce in an environment of  trust and commitment to our stakeholders.

Our Vision
To become the premier business facilitation agency in the world.

Recording and disemmination of information
Documents are currently recorded manually in registers and in computer based databases

Information technology will play a key role and will be an important tool in improving productivity and achieving the required levels of efficiency. Customers are at present able to access company names via the computer and within the next 2 years will be able to view documents of all companies and registered trade marks.

Our Mission
We are here to enable the legal creation of companies, sole proprietorships, partnerships and industrial and provident societies. To foster trade, commerce and wealth in an environment of trust and commitment to all our stakeholders.

Our Role
The COJ’s role is to oil the wheels of commerce by maintaining accurate and up to date records on commercial entities which are often accessed by the public to check a companies’ current:

  • Legal status
  • Statutory compliance
  • Ownership

    The COJ registers local and overseas companies, and individuals carrying on business in Jamaica. It actively encourages voluntary compliance of companies and businesses with the Companies Act of 2004, the Registration of Business Names Act of 1934 and strives to maintain up-to-date records of all companies and businesses registered. Where necessary, the COJ initiates court action against delinquent clients to ensure compliance with all provisions of the law. It also removes entities which have been wound up and those which the Registrar has reason to believe are not in operation.

    Our Covenant With Our Customers
    As we seek to modernize services at the Companies Office of Jamaica and become more responsive to the needs of our customers:

  • We commit to providing trained, polite and capable staff to handle customers’’ business
  • We commit to providing courteous and helpful compliance officers.
  • We commit to providing service beyond the standards of the day.
  • We commit to efficiently and pleasantly fulfill clients’ needs in
    the shortest possible time.
  • We commit to the following standards
  • Certificate of Company Registration issued within 4 working days of receipt of properly completed applications.
  • Business Name Certificates issued within 2 working days of receipt
    of properly completed applications.
  • Certified copies of documents issued the same day requested,
    provided that documents are in order.
  • Documents available for public inspection within 15 minutes of
  • Complaints dealt with within 5 working days of receipt or if
    resolution is delayed the customer will be notified.

    As our partners we ask that you

  • Provide accurate and honest information in all documents and forms.
  • File all statutory documents in a timely manner.
  • Consult us on any aspect of our operation which needs clarification
    or explanation
  • Conduct yourselves in an orderly manner as you carry out your business with us.
  • Suggest how we may improve our service to you.

    The COJ offers customers a newly re-designed website with an emphasis on efficient online services and public education.
    Through our website we inform and educate customers and guide them
    through the process of registering companies and business names as well
    as other services. We offer a significant menu of online services which
    will save customers’ time and money:

  • Company Name Search
  • View listing of documents
  • View charges Register
  • View Company Information Details
  • View documents online

    The COJ has an “open door” policy where the public is concerned. We are available via the telephone and in person on visits to our office
    Monday to Wednesday 8.30am to 3.30pm and Thursday to Friday 8.30am to 3.00pm.
    Online we are available 24 hours daily.
    In addition to our website and face to face contact, we provide
    information on all our services through brochures,posters and
    advertisements in the media.
    To make sure we keep abreast of what our customers want we conduct
    surveys twice per year to identify gaps in service.

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    Got Complaints?
    Complaints may be forwarded to the Customer Service Unit which will
    investigate grouses and respond in most cases within 5 working days.
    Customers may air their dissatisfaction in person or through telephone
    calls, letters or e-mail or our suggestion box. We ask that you provide
    full information on your complaints to enable us to investigate and
    resolve the problem quickly.

    Company Name Search
    Business Name Search

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